The Continuation of Web Design Trends 2014-2015

Our Web Design Devon studio has been full steam ahead this year, and we have witnessed a some significant changes in the styles and techniques in web design over the last year. It is certainly worth documenting a few that really stand out:

Integration of web design and online marketing strategies
As Devon-based SEO/online marketing company The Click Hub point out: “Having a website and not marketing it is like waving in the dark: you know you’re doing it but nobody else can see you”. Web developers are increasingly aware of the need to integrate conversion rate optimisation and search engine optimisation in their designs, from carefully constructing eye-catching page layouts that compel the user to stay on the site and eventually click thorough to a sale or enquiry, to working on strategies for great content and social sharing (such as blogging and posting on the popular social networks). And there’s so much more.

The Rise of Typography
There was a time when beautiful fonts were the preserve of both the well-heeled web design client and expensive website. Thanks to the likes of Fontsquirrel and Google Fonts, the choices of affordable and free fonts are multiplying daily. Websites are no longer restricted to a cluster of ‘web-friendly’ fonts, nor does it cost a fortune to use some beautiful typographical designs. It’s a real dream for graphic designers who want to create elegant type-based webpages.

Big Backgrounds
Goodbye, tiny banners! One of the most effective ways to make your site stand out from the crowd is by having beautiful content displayed prominently. This means excellent photography or video forming an impressive, large backdrop to your home page.

Don’t Click, just Scroll!
Mobile browsing continues its the rise, so web development is still about ‘mobile-first’. Scrolling therefore has taken precedence over clicking and zooming (hallmarks of unresponsive design). A simple swipe of the finger and content glides into view elegantly. Long may this trend continue.

Material Design, Google-Style
Material design is flat design with a touch of perspective here, gradient there, and a little more root in the world around us. Google recently pointed out that “A material metaphor is the unifying theory of rationalized space and a system of motion. Our material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by our study of paper and ink, yet open to imagination and magic.” You can see their concept in motion when viewing their online products. A clear aesthetic is visible here.

There are so many more developments in web design, which we will continue to salute as they become more noteworthy and work in engaging visitors and enchanting fans of beautiful art and design.