Web Design and Typography

Typography is a key – and yet easily overlooked – element in web design. Type can really make or break a design, and there are so many factors to consider. Selecting typefaces appropriate to mood and tone is just the start. Then there’s combining the correct number, style and weights of typefaces, ensuring that the letter-spacing (‘tracking’) and line-height (‘leading’) make paragraphs of text legible, and avoiding the hideous cliches that are Comic Sans or Papyrus.

This brilliant infographic from Evan Brown at DesignMantic distills the key rules in typography, offering a ‘Ten Commandments’ of type. “Even though typography is an art and art is supposed to be subjective with minimal parameters, these rules can still be applied in order to save time and too much experimentation,” says Evan.

Web Design in Devon and across the world could do with more digestible ‘commandments’ such as this. More websites would be far more pleasant things to read.